The unique Peli™ 3315RZ0 LED light is powered by a special designed lithium rechargeable battery that provides a life expectancy of over 2,000 cycles, 4 times more than the 500 cycles that batteries usually last. Lightweight and with three lighting modes (high/low/flashing), it shines up to 132 lumens of clear brilliant light and delivers a run time up to 34 hours in a small compact design. Additionally, the 3315RZ0 features a full time battery level indicator that is conveniently integrated into the switch. Its ergonomic polymer body is engineered with a sure-grip texture and includes a lanyard to provide another layer of drop protection.

  • Up to 132 Lumens
  • Ingress Protected IPX7
  • Special Lithium rechargeable battery provides 2,000 cycles (a 300% increase)
  • 3 modi: hoog/laag/knipperen
  • Up to 34 hours, 15 minutes run time
  • Continue batterijniveau-indicator
  • Draagband (inbegrepen)