Peli Upgrades 9 of its Most Advanced Torches While Keeping the Same Price

Published 14 November, 2017, 12:00 AM PST

peli 9460m remote areal ight upgrade

Barcelona -

In its constant quest for innovation and enhancement of products performance, Peli™ Products - the global leader in the design and manufacture of advanced lighting systems - has substantially increased 9 Lights’ lumen output at no extra cost. With this initiative, the Manufacturer wants to increase the value offered to its customers by rising the light power of some of its most popular models, some of them up to 134%, while keeping the same competitive price.

Out of the 9 Lumen-increased lights, 5 of them include tactical torches and 4 Remote Area Lighting Systems (RALS). Some of them had also been upgraded with additional features aimed to maintain the customers’ trust by offering high-end products with the most advanced technologies. A selection of the enhanced models will be showcased at Milipol Show in Paris (Stand H037).

Upgraded Lighting Systems:


  • Peli 9460 and 9460M (with 3,81 cm/ 1.5” Mobility wheels) RALS models have a 100% power increase, offering now 12.000 lumens instead of 6.000.
  • Peli 9470 and 9470M (Mobility) RALS have also a 100% power increase, now offering 24.000 lumens instead of 12.000.

In addition to the lumens improvement, a 12v Power Port, a Dual USB Power Adapter and Bluetooth™ Activation has been added to these models.


  • Peli 2380 tactical torch, with a 134% power increase, now offers 372 lumens instead of 159.
  • Peli 2350 tactical torch has a 78% power increase with 178 lumens, instead of 100.
  • Peli 1910 ultra-compact torch (black colour) offers 106 lumens instead of 72, with a power increase of 47%.
  • Peli 1920 compact torch (black colour) went from 120 to 224 lumens, with 87% power increase.
  • Peli 2740 headlamp has 88% power increase, offering 66 lumens instead of 35.

peli 2380 brightest led tactical torch


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