Don't Let Transport or Weather Ruin Your Mission

When you need to work with your electronic equipment outdoors, you will need to protect it during transportation, as well as from the inclemency of weather once on site. A professional 19” Rack Container will help you protect your equipment while you can concentrate on your mission.

Peli Hardigg has been the specialist in Rack Containers since 1976. Its wide range of Rackmount Cases engineered with tough rotationally moulded exteriors includes from preconfigured, standard models to the most configurable cases with the help of Peli´s Engineering Team.

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Military Grade Protection

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Drop Resistant

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In What Situations Are Rack Cases Crucial and Will Allow You to Continue Working No Matter What?

peli broadcast audio rack cases

+ Broadcast, Audio & Video

Peli rack cases offer the necessary protection when travelling with your mixers, recorders, audio workstations, signal processing systems, amplifiers and other rack mountable audio equipment from one event to the next. Shock mounted models not only provide shock and vibration dampening, but also allow for airflow, which is especially important when protecting equipment that generates a lot of heat, like amplifiers. Besides, Peli Rack Cases have a front and rear lid, so the cooling of the equipment is guaranteed.

peli military systems rack cases

+ Military Systems

During missions, state of the art Command, Control, Communications and Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) systems are regularly exposed to high temperatures, dust, sand, moisture and vibration. Peli shock-mounted rack cases make sure that these fragile rack mounted systems arrive fully operational and can be deployed in seconds.

peli critical communications science it cases

+ Critical Communications, Science & IT

From the most delicate equipment to slightly more rugged electronics, Peli has a rack with the perfect combination of shock, vibration protection and portability. Servers, radio communication systems, medical or testing equipment components, seismic data recording instrumentation, laboratory equipment, solid-state circuit electronics and Satcom systems are just some of the extremely fragile electronics that can fit in a Peli custom engineered or standard rack case.

peli v series classic super rack mount cases

19" Portable Rack Cases   

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Made of high-impact resistant rotomoulded polyethylene, Peli 19” rack cases are extremely rugged and offer superior shipping protection for fragile instruments and electronics. Our innovative design process and rigorous testing methods continue to result in superior patented advancements that ensure your vital, sensitive and expensive electronics remain protected. Peli Rackmount Cases can take repeated drops, blows and soakings while protecting your gear.

Peli Rack Containers guarantee a smooth set up for professionals on the go!

peli configurable rack case

Standard or Configurable Rack Containers

Besides ready-to-go, pre-configured rack cases, Peli also offers a large variety of configurable rack containers to meet your exact requirements. Our experienced design engineers, testing labs and team of dedicated experts, will work with you to configure the best rack case for your equipment with the perfect combination of shock, vibration protection and portability.

With an extensive range of different Rack Heights and depths available you can find the right Peli Rack Case for your equipment.

Available Rack Heights:
3U / 4U / 5U / 6U / 7U / 8U / 9U / 10U / 11U / 12U / 14U / 21U / 26U

Standard Features of All Peli Rack Containers

All Peli-Hardigg™ Classic-V and Super-V Series are rated for equipment loads up to 170 lbs.

Designed to meet ANSI/EIA-310-C for universal rack mounting hole pattern (10/32 for US, M6 for International)

Which Rack Fits My Equipment?

To find out which rack container best fits your equipment, you will have to verify the Fragility of your equipment, the dimensions of your equipment and the weight of your equipment.

From the ultimate protection of a Classic Rack, to the removable rack option offered by SuperMAC, to the smaller footprint MAC Rack and ProRack, Peli has the solution to fit your exact shipping and protection requirements.

What is G Fragility?

The Fragility of an item is normally expressed in “G” units. G units are a measure of the force exerted on bodies by the earth´s gravitational pull. The larger the G force needed to cause breakage, the less protection necessary from shock and vibration.

For instance, an item with 20 G fragility will suffer damage when subjected to a force 20 times that of normal earth gravity. The fragility of an equipment is usually determined by laboratory testing.

peli rack best fit equipment

Standard Rack Containers

peli mini mac rack container case


View Sizes >

Fragility Rating
50 - 80 G
Content Weight
10 - 50 kg
Rack Heights
4U / 6U / 8U / 10U / 12U
Rack Depths
480 - 610 mm
peli blackbox case


View Sizes >

Fragility Rating
40 - 80 G
Content Weight
Up to 45 kg
Rack Heights
3U / 4U / 5U / 7U / 9U / 11U / 14U
Rack Depths
peli v-series case


View Sizes >

Fragility Rating
Content Weight
35 - 75 kg
Rack Heights
3U / 4U / 5U / 7U / 9U / 11U / 14U
Rack Depths
24" - 33"

Configurable Rack Containers

peli classic rack configurable container

Classic Rack™

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Fragility Rating
15 - 30 G
Content Weight
9 - 150 kg
Rack Heights
3U / 4U / 5U / 6U / 7U / 9U / 10U / 11U / 14U / 21U / 26U
Rack Depths
peli supermac configurable rack


View Sizes >

Fragility Rating
40 - 70 G
Content Weight
9 - 90 kg
Rack Heights
3U / 4U / 5U / 7U / 9U / 11U / 14U
Rack Depths
peli rack configurable container

Mac Rack™

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Fragility Rating
50-80 G
Content Weight
9 - 90 kg
Rack Heights
3U / 4U / 5U / 6U / 7U / 9U / 11U / 12U / 14U
Rack Depths
20" - 24"
peli pro rack stack cases

Pro Rack™

View Sizes >

Fragility Rating
80 - 120 G
Content Weight
Up to 34 kg
Rack Heights
4U / 6U / 8U / 10U / 14U
Rack Depths

Multiple Options For a Perfect Fit

While Peli offers a wide range of standard sizes and configurations, many scientific, industrial, military and commercial equipment require a customised solution and therefore Peli Rack Cases can be customised with different additional features.

peli airtight watertight valve

Airtight/Watertight Capability

peli humidity indicator

Humidity Indicator

peli removable frame case

Removable Frame

peli rack case drawer


peli rack case edge casters

Edge Casters

peli comfort grip handles

Comfort Grip Handles

peli rack case experienced engineer