Crushproof and Crashproof

I was on my way home from teaching a women’s “stop the bleed” and firearms safety course at the Homestead (Florida) training center for Triad medical training. I had my Peli 1615 Air Case tied down in the bed of my truck with my range setup inside. I was at a stoplight when I heard two cars coming up behind me at a high rate of speed. I realized they were coming into my lane and not stopping. The lead car struck the rear of my truck spinning me into the intersection and ejecting my Peli Case from the bed of my truck. My Peli Case ended up in the middle of the intersection and got dragged under a pickup truck, until it got run over and became dislodged. The gentleman who’s truck it was under noticed the case dislodge from under his truck and took it home. Upon inspection he found my fiancé’s business card in the ID slot and reached out, reuniting me with my gear!