Preconfigured Case in 7 Standard U Sizes

The BlackBox case is a textured roto molded case with a 19" wide and 24" deep EIA standard rack. It is an Off-the-Shelf product.

This lightweight, compact, and double ended case offers light duty protection and boasts significantly better light duty shock performance than the competition. The use of recycled materials in the shell and a steel frame offers great value while upholding Pelican-Hardigg's industry-leading standard.

A BlackBox case is ideal when you need immediate access to an Off-the-Shelf case and need to be cost conscious without sacrifice performance.

Not intended for high-end sensitive electronics

Made from recycled plastic materials as part of Pelican-Hardigg's commitment to reduce waste and protect the environment

pelican blackbox light duty rack mount case



  • 3U, 4U, 5U, 7U, 9U, 11U, and 14U


  • 40 - 80


  • 36.3 kg to 45.4 kg

Sway Space

  • 1" sway space for the ability to decelerate shock

Base Features

  • Color: Black-463 Blended Resin
  • Spring Loaded Zinc Black Plated Steel Hardware (HNB)
  • 8 cylindrical elastomeric shock mounts attach directly to the case
  • 4 plastic comfort grip handles, 2 on each lid
  • Light duty steel frame with zinc black finish and Metric M6 holes tapped holes
  • Closed gasket with Rivet Vent in the right side handle well
  • Mold-In 82.6 mm Wheels on the 5" Lid
  • Non-Locking Hardware

Configuration Options

(Available upon request)

  • Standard roto case colors
  • Closure hardware
  • Weather proofing
  • Lid combinations

Shock/Vibration System

Cylindrical Shock Mounts isolate equipment from vibration as well as impact forces. Shock mounts vary in size depending on protection requirements - from delicate equipment to rugged electronics.


  • Audio/Video Recording and Processing Systems
  • Satellite Communication Systems
  • Radio Communication Systems
  • Seismic Data Recording Instrumentation
  • Climate Data Collection
  • Field-Deployed Amplifiers and Electronics
  • Medical or Testing Equipment Components


BlackBox cases are an Off-the-Shelf product, in stock and ready to ship.

U Size

Rack Depth



61 cm

19.1 kg


61 cm

21.3 kg


61 cm

21.8 kg


61 cm

23.1 kg


61 cm

25.4 kg


61 cm

27.2 kg


61 cm

29.9 kg


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